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The Wedding Planner Podcast: The Evolution Of The Wedding Industry. An Interview With Laurie Hartwell

Wedding planning isn't just about selecting the perfect centerpiece or the most photogenic venue—it's an art form honed over years of personal growth and industry evolution. In this wedding planner podcast, Laurie Hartwell, founder & CEO of the CWP Society, brings this to life, sharing her thirty-year voyage through the ebbs and flows of the wedding industry. As she unfolds her story of building self-esteem and the crucial role of intuition in business, you'll find yourself nodding along, thinking of your own evolution—whether in career or character. It’s a conversation that digs into the fabric of success and the colorful challenges faced along the way, all woven together with the unwavering support of Laurie's loving partner.

wedding planner podcast
Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas, CWP Society

The digital revolution has brought a cascade of changes to every corner of our lives, and the wedding industry is no exception. This episode examines the transformative power of technology in solving business problems and boosting client delight. Ever found yourself wrestling with the paralysis of fear? Laurie Hartwell's breakthroughs and insights into conquering those nagging doubts are the kind of wisdom that'll leave you brimming with confidence to take on the business world. And as we navigate the waters of digital networking, Laurie reminds us of the irreplaceable value of personal connections—a beacon for professionals striving to build lasting success in an ocean of ephemeral online interactions.

Education in wedding planning should be as diverse as the weddings themselves, and that's where this episode takes an eye-opening turn. Dive into the responsibility of educators in the wedding industry and the impact of so-called 'pop-up' gurus. Laurie's perspective is a refreshing take on nurturing wedding professionals at every career stage — emphasizing integrity, kindness, and the power of personal engagement over fleeting trends. As you listen, you'll be inspired by the keys to genuine achievement in this enchanting industry, and perhaps you'll even feel compelled to be a part of the nurturing community at the CWP Society. It's an episode that's not just about planning the perfect day—it's about crafting the perfect career in wedding planning.


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