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I had the most amazing experience with this course. I never imagined that I could learn so much within a 2 day period, but I did! I will take all of this information and use it for the rest of my career and life. The level of energy was so high and the positive vibes from the instructor were amazing. I am so thankful to have met her and attended this course. I would absolutely love to attend another seminar and learn even more of what The Bridal Society has to offer. I will forever remember this experience and couldn't be happier or more excited for my future! Thank you so much!

Alayna Wight

This experience is one that I truly believe will be a stepping stone for my wedding planning endeavors. Laurie is so funny which makes the class feel less like a stuffy classroom setting. I really enjoyed being able to work in groups. There was a lot of information I learned and I appreciate us being able to take our workbooks home. This was amazing!

Tiffany Hong

This was a wonderful and very helpful learning experience. Although I have been in the business for over 10 years and a business owner for half of that time, I regret not attending and getting certified earlier. Thank you!

Elizabeth Montano

This was the most amazing class I have ever taken! Laurie Hartwell is so incredibly inspirational! I can not wait to start my business! I wish that this class didn't have to end. It was such a blast learning EVERY detail of the wedding industry, brides expectations, plus Laurie is so loving and hilarious! I highly recommend this course to anyone who's serious about working in this industry. She is amazing and this course was flawless!


Jennifer Mazzoli

Laurie Hartwell, instructor/president of The Bridal Society, spoke straight from experience while expressing only the highest morals and standards of ethics tempered by years of wisdom. The certification course was well worth every penny. In addition to her being funny and vulnerable with students, Hartwell made the experience memorable and exciting. All the subject matter was informative and practical. Convenient beyond measure, the seminar made it for working families on a budget to come and enhance their careers. Hartwell gave good advice for both male and female wedding planners to succeed in the industry.

Frank Nuno

Thank you very much for having the course here in L.A. It was an incredible experience, and I got to meet many great people who have the same interest as me. I've learned a lot during these past two days about wedding planning and how to build my own business. The course was fun and very detailed in every aspect of the planning process. Again, thank you for everything and I will miss you.

Pauline Ly

Wow! What an experience! I can not adequately express how much I enjoyed this class and how informative it was. I now feel like I have a much clearer idea of what goes into planning a wedding. Laurie is funny, passionate, knowledgable, supportive and an excellent teacher. I really respect her honesty, sense of integrity and kindness. She has really inspired me!!

Juli Kreko

This class was an absolute joy! I have been fasinated/obsessed with weddings for 8 years now. This course helped me become confident about working with a bride and how to speak to vendors. This has been a true privilege and I can't wait to open my business! Thank you so much, you have truly inspired me!

Erika Matarria

It is not often that I am in a class and I don't want it to end! However, this course found me wanting more and gave me a lot of inspiration. Laurie, your approach is outstanding, impressive, and most of all genuine. The information was extensive and thorough. The life lessons and encouragement was priceless. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time. It was an investment I will not forget. I look forward to learning more in the future!

Alexis Scalice

Wonderful! You are a wealth of knowlege. Funny, personable and beyond informative. It has been wonderful learning from you, picking your brain and seeing that this really is a great way of life.

Gianna Carrazco

Awesome! You are truly an inspriation as a wedding planner and person. You have operated such a successful business and name for yourself without sacrificing your ethics. It makes me so happy to know you are conducting these classes and sharing your knowledge and GREAT attitude with others. Thank you so much for everything these past two days! I look forward to the eNewsletters and keeping in touch on the forum!

Kelly Jensen

Amazing! I am actually mad at myself for not taking this class sooner. I love every part of wedding/event planning. I have always wanted to open my business but was afraid of failure.... but Laurie Hartwell gave me all the confidence in the world and can't wait to start setting up my business. This class was amazing, I learned so much!

Gaelle Martin

I absolutely LOVED the certification course offered by The Bridal Society. Laurie Hartwell was so informative and sooooo funny! I can not believe the amount of information I received in these 2 days. I now feel totally confident about going forward in my wedding planning career. I loved that I was able to ask questions in class and felt comfortable doing so.

Renee Wilson

My experience was wonderful. I enjoyed the structure with the breaks so we could focus on the AWESOME material. I also thought mixing media between pictures, videos, personal stories, business stories and quotes really helped me see the whole picture. I'm looking forward to using these tips to enhance my business.

Megan Papageorge

Being able to be a part of the wedding planning certification course was a thrill! Our instructor, Laurie Hartwell, was the most energetic, outgoing, very experienced, intelligent woman that I have met so far. I learned so much information and I have built confidence in myself these last two days. Any questions we had, she had the answer to them. I have never felt so connected and so entertained in a class before. Thank you so much!

Kristina Orr

This class was AMAZING! I came in expecting to just learn a little but the class was FILLED with tons of information I would never had thought of. This class is worth every pretty penny! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity and sharing your valuable knowledge and time with us. BEST CLASS EVER!

Marie Hecker

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