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The Wedding Planner Podcast: Elevating The Wedding Industry

Have you ever been to a wedding and thought, "I could do this better?" Aisha Garnett used to think the same, until she found her path from TV production to becoming a Certified Wedding Planner. Her journey was shaped by the Certified Wedding Planner Society (CWP Society). In the Wedding Planner Podcast: Elevating The Wedding Industry, together with its founder and CEO, Laurie Hartwell, they explore the mission of the CWP Society - to provide affordable, comprehensive education and certification for aspiring wedding planners and now... to ALL wedding professionals. They shed light on the society's revolutionary impact on the wedding industry and its commitment to raising the standard.

Imagine your perfect wedding being crashed by a complete stranger! Shocking, right? We bring this issue into focus as we talk about a strange case about a woman who has been making the rounds in three Southern states, crashing weddings and stealing gifts. Tennessee wedding planner, Krisy Thomas, weighs in on this bizarre issue, providing insights on the impact and prevention of wedding crashing. We round off this discussion with advice on securing your wedding against such incidents.

A wedding is an occasion of joy and cheer, and what better way to remember it than through a guestbook filled with messages of love from those who shared your special day. But who says your guestbook has to be a book? We explore intriguing ideas like photo booths and polaroid cameras that capture fun memories from your guests. We emphasize the importance of introducing unique ideas to your clients. Finally, as we wrap up this thrilling episode, we invite you to join us again next month as we uncover more about the fascinating world of wedding planning.


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