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The Wedding Planner Podcast: Wedding Planner Gone Wrong and The Engagement Gap

Listen in as the host of the Wedding Industry News Series, Aisha Garnett, unravels the shocking tale of a bride swindled out of a whopping $12,000 by her seemingly trustworthy wedding planner. In this wedding planner podcast, wedding planner gone wrong and the engagement gap, Laurie Hartwell, founder and CEO of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, shares invaluable insights, highlighting the critical need for couples and wedding professionals alike to thoroughly vet vendors before shelling out any cash. Discover the essence of contracts and direct payment transactions in safeguarding couple's hard-earned money.

On a brighter note, are you geared up to handle the imminent wave of engagements? Krisy Thomas, Vice President of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, joins us to discuss how the industry can capitalize on the engagement season. Learn why the speed of your response to inquiries is a game-changer and why an updated website showcasing your qualifications and certifications is vital in attracting potential customers. Brace yourself for an insightful session to help you stand out in the cutthroat wedding industry. Tune in now!



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