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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Chastity Kelly

Updated: Jan 5

Master Certified Wedding Planner
Chastity Kelly, Master CWP

Chastity Kelly

Master Certified Wedding & Event Planner

Island Vibe Events

NH, VT, TN, FL, DE, ME, Caribbean (Jamaica) & Internationally

Holding a Master Certified Wedding Planner certificate signifies that I have achieved a high level of expertise and proficiency in the field of wedding planning. This certification indicates that I have completed advanced training, gained significant experience, and demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of wedding planning.

Expertise and Knowledge: The certification suggests that I possess a deep understanding of all aspects of wedding planning, including budgeting, vendor management, timeline coordination, and problem-solving.

Professionalism: Clients view this additional certification as a mark of professionalism and commitment to excellence. It enhances my credibility and helps me stand out in a competitive market.

Client Confidence: Couples seeking wedding planning services feel more confident in hiring a Master Certified Wedding Planner, trusting that they are working with a highly skilled and experienced professional.

Networking Opportunities: This certification program provides opportunities to connect with other certified professionals in the industry. This networking leads to collaborations, referrals, and a broader support system.

Career Advancement: Holding a master-level certification opens doors to new opportunities and career advancement within the wedding planning industry. It also qualifies me for more prestigious and high-profile events.

Continuous Learning: My lifetime membership provides an opportunity for ongoing education and professional development, ensuring that I stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

Marketing Advantage: I can use the certification as a marketing tool to differentiate myself from competitors. Potential clients are more inclined to choose a Master Certified Wedding Planner over someone without formal credentials.

Master Certified Wedding Planner Chastity Kelly has the experience to handle any event.

About Island Vibes Events:

Island Vibe Events was created on visions, dreams, and hard work. With 25 years of experience in the industry of Wedding Planning and Food & Beverage, we are able to bring your dreams into reality. We specialize in all different types of events and travel world wide for our clients. Chastity is also a Master Certified Wedding Planner, Certified Wedding Design Consultant, and a member of the Certified Wedding Planner Society!

Our Philosophy

At Island Vibe Events, we believe that every wedding should be as unique as the couple getting married. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life. Let us help make your wedding day one-of-a-kind.

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