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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Kirsten Flores

Updated: Jan 5

Master Certified Wedding Planner
Kirsten Flores, Master CWP

Kirsten Flores

Master Certified Wedding & Event Planner

CA, USA & International

I am so honored to now hold the title of "Master Certified Wedding Planner". The Certified Wedding Planner Society has done so much for me and my business. After gaining my initial certification through CWPS, I knew there was so much more for me to learn, and I knew I wanted to pursue my master certification.

My initial certification equipped me to confidently get started and launch my business, and my master certification now equips me to continue growing my business. Holding the title of "Master Certified Wedding Planner" shows my couples that I am dedicated to my craft and motivated to keep learning and growing.

I am so thankful for the Certified Wedding Planner Society and all the connections, education, and resources they have brought me!

Master Certified Wedding Planner Kirsten Flores, at your service.

About Life In Love Events, LLC:

We are Life in Love Events - a caring, colorful, and confident wedding planning partner. We specialize in crafting weddings bursting with vibrant colors and bold themes.

We are not just wedding planners to our couples; we are their friends, confidants, and fellow dreamers. Our goal is to make all of our couple's wedding planning journeys fun and anything but stressful. We are committed to making every step worry-free, while capturing all the important details to ensure our couple's event day unfolds seamlessly and brings their vision to life.

We offer packages ranging from power planning sessions, to design services, to wedding management, all the way up to full planning. We are dedicated to finding or customizing a package that works for our couples.

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