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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Asha Chowdhury

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Asha Chowdhury

Master Certified Wedding Planner

Happy H(Ours) Weddings & Events

Located in New England (NY/NJ/CT/MA)

Continuing my education as a wedding planner has proven to be so helpful to my couples. Letting my clients know I now hold the "Master Certified Wedding Planner" title will provide them with even more confidence in me planning their big day. It's an awesome feeling to be gaining more expertise in a field that means so much to me. The Bridal Society provides me with so many tools and resources through these courses that directly benefit my clients throughout their wedding planning journey. I am even more excited for the community that The Bridal Society provides me! As a business owner, having this community of wedding planners ensures me I am never alone. They have experiences I can learn from and vice versa! I am so excited to take everything I learned from The Bridal Society to enhance my business, sales process, and elevate my clients' wedding planning experience.

About Happy H(Ours) Weddings & Events:

Happy H(Ours) Weddings & Events, LLC is a passionate wedding and event planning company that truly believes in planning perfect moments in time together. With years of event planning expertise, the Happy H(Ours) team thrives at creating memorable experiences for elaborate multicultural couples who have multi-day events, all the way to simple and intimate events and elopements. We value innovation, individuality, teamwork, loyalty to our clients, and ensuring couples have a fun & unforgettable wedding planning experience. Wedding planning can get tough, but with our expertise and guidance, we promise to be there every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition into the next chapter of your life. The Happy H(Ours) team not only customizes packages based on your needs to ensure your priorities are met, but we promise to go above and beyond.


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