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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Priscilla Locke

Updated: Jan 5

Master Certified Wedding Planner
Priscilla Locke, Master CWP

Priscilla Locke

Master Certified Wedding Planner

Priscilla Rose Events

Located in Florida

This has been such an amazing journey. When I started my business four years ago, I had attended maybe 2 weddings ever! I have been taught so much from this wonderful team, and I feel so confident in my business through my certifications and education.

About Priscilla Rose Events:

PR Events represents couples like a PR represents celebrities. We understand their needs (and wants) and help make the connections to make their dreams a reality. Our team caters to our couples' vision every step of the way. They feel like celebrities throughout the entire process!

I am Priscilla Locke, Master Certified Wedding Planner, at your service.


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