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Congratulations, Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Congratulations to all of the amazing planners who have recently become Certified Timeline Geniuses! We applaud you for putting in the time to continually build your skills and to elevate the standards in the wedding industry. Keep up the great work!

We’re proud to show off your profiles and spotlight pages below.

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius? Get your own certification at

Dana Allison

Company Name: Keyed Up Events

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I love that there is a never-ending need for wedding planners.”

Sherry Almeida

Company Name: Creme de la Creme Wedding Event Planning & Decor

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I enjoy the clients and being able to continue learning new techniques, ideas while meeting like-minded people.”

Lorell David

Company Name: i do Events

Location: Anchorage, AK

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I think it’s important to do something that you really enjoy, and I definitely enjoy all the “organized chaos” that comes with wedding planning.”

Erin McCauley

Company Name: Chestnut & Vine Wedding Logistics Coordinators

Location: Wake Forest, NC

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I want engaged couples to enjoy the wedding planning process as much as I did and then feel like they are guests at their own wedding.”

Courtney Winn Hamilton

Company Name: C2Celebrations

Location: Huntsville, AL

Title/Position: Co-Owner

What Fuels You? “Wedding clients are full of love and tend to bring a spirit to the table that no matter what is happening in the world around them, love prevails and I love that!”



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