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Destination Wedding Planner Safety: Part 1

Updated: Apr 25

When it comes to the world of destination wedding planning, we have to make sure that we are keeping ourselves safe when traveling!

Whether via plane or automobile, here are our top tips to keep yourself safe!

If you’re traveling via plane:

  • If you park at the airport, remove any documents in your car with your address on them (insurance, registration, etc). A rising crime is that people are breaking into parked cars at the airport, finding someone's address from these documents, and then breaking into their homes since the criminals know they are away - yikes!

  • If you use a rideshare service to the airport, be sure to validate the vehicle's license plate and your driver's name, prior to entering the vehicle,  and consider sharing your trip with a loved one. 

  • Share your flight itinerary with a loved one, and send updates if your flights or itinerary changes.

  • Be sure to always carry your wallet, identification cards, credit/debit cards in your personal carry on so that they are easily accessible at any given time. 

  • Include identification information on any baggage (whether checked, carry on, or a personal item).

  • Never leave your luggage unattended.

  • Limit alcohol intake before flights or during layovers so that you can stay aware of all situations and surroundings.

  • Never accept food or drinks from someone you don’t know. 

  • Have a few snacks on hand in the event that your flight is delayed (or if you get stuck on the plane).

If you’re traveling via automobile:

  • Share the details of your trip (such as the route you’re taking and where you’ll be staying) with a loved one and send updates when you stop.

  • If possible, share your location with a loved one over the duration of your drive.

  • If you are having to drive more than a few hours, be sure to have your vehicle serviced by a professional (oil change, tires filled up and rotated, windshield & engine fluids refilled, etc.). 

  • Have your wallet, identification, credit and debit cards easily accessible. I always like to have a little bit of cash/change on hand as well, in the event of an emergency or unexpected toll roads.

  • Invest in a good car charger for your cell phone, as well as a portable battery pack to have on hand. 

  • Know how to change a tire if you get a flat (and aren't within cell service to call for help).

  • Have an emergency kit in your car! These are relatively inexpensive and are crucial should your car break down. I have this one.

  • Keep a few water bottles in the car in case you break down or your engine overheats.

  • If you are traveling to a new area, don’t let your gas tank get all the way empty before you fill up. A good rule of thumb is to not let your tank go below half way empty if you are in uncharted territory. 

  • Have your proof of insurance and vehicle registration printed out and easily accessible from the driver's seat. 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If you are driving at night, be smart! Park in well lit, populated areas. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a location, trust your gut & get out of there.

Remember, the destination will always be there. Prioritize your safety as you journey towards it!

Content provided by Courtney Justice owner of Just Us Weddings & Events and Certified Educator for the CWP Society. She holds the following certifications: Certified Wedding Planner, Certified Wedding Design Consultant, Master Certified Wedding Planner.

Awards: 2022 Wedding Planner of the Year

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