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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Natalie Ringham

Updated: Jan 5

Master Certified Wedding Planner
Natalie Ringham, Master CWP

Natalie Ringham

Master Certified Wedding Planner

Ringham Events

Located in Minnesota & North Carolina

The title of "Master Certified Wedding Planner" (MCWP) holds a lot of weight to me. It means that I can feel confidently equipped to take on my ideal clients with a full community behind my back to support me. It means that I am continuing to learn from my mentor and through experiences to better myself and company.

About Ringham Events:

Ringham Events believes in finding meaning and intentionality in each moment. We exist to create fruitful experiences and connections through our vision of planning, process, and execution. We are a mom and daughter plus a childhood best friend with unique skill sets that compliment each other to work in harmony.

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