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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Mary Beth Boehm

Updated: Jan 5

Master Certified Wedding Planner
Mary Beth Boehm, Master CWP

Mary Beth Boehm

Master Certified Wedding & Event Planner

South Florida

It is an honor to be part of an organization that promotes supporting one and other. I love having all the education and extra benefits at my fingertips. The CWP Society not only provides the support and education that we need to enhance our clients' experience but gives us the tools to shape this fabulous industry in a kind and knowledgeable way.

Master Certified Wedding Planner Mary Beth Boehm. At your service.

About It's All In the Details by Mary Beth:

Master Certified and based in Fort Lauderdale, we think about the "why" not just "the day." Our happiness is making sure your love shines through by ultimately capturing what is genuine to you. Our approach is very intentional: Create lasting impressions by adding unique details with that luxury feel. An event that is rooted in personal touches capturing your unique love story and a joyous celebration your guests will always remember.

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