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5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Wedding Planner

There are endless reasons for hiring a Certified Wedding Planner for your big day. Here are just five to get you started:


Certified Wedding Planners are industry experts of pricing in your market. They are uniquely equipped to give you tips and suggestions that will cut your costs significantly.


After factoring in all of the time and money you’ll save with their expert assistance, hiring a CWP is truly a necessity rather than a luxury.


Through their membership with the Bridal Society, Certified Wedding Planners have access to cost-saving partnerships with companies such as Minted, BBJ Linen, Generation Tux, and many more. Not only that, but Certified Wedding Planners also often have strong relationships with wedding vendors that they work with consistently, and these professionals may offer discounts or extras perks that wouldn’t be available to you as a couple if you were to hire them without a CWP.


One of the major perks of hiring a Certified Wedding Planner is that they are connected to a network of the highest caliber of wedding professionals who can match your unique vision and fit your budget. Certified Wedding Planners each have a vetted list of wedding professionals called a Preferred Vendors List. Your CWP will be able to get answers in terms of availability and pricing very quickly from the wedding professionals on their list, as they work with these venues and vendors on a regular basis.

Certified Wedding Planners compile these Preferred Vendors Lists to include wedding professionals in every category and every budget so they can find a great fit for each of their clients. The few companies that a CWP selects to be on this exclusive list are those they feel are the best in the area. Providing this list to their clients is a Certified Wedding Planner’s way of showing them that they deserve nothing less than the best for their wedding.


You deserve nothing less than the best for your wedding.


The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is certainly true when you hire a CWP. Your Certified Wedding Planner will help you make sense of your wedding priorities so you can hire the best vendors in each service category while successfully staying within your budget.


Your Certified Wedding Planner will work with you to create a wedding design that’s reflective of your unique vision. As a newly engaged couple, you can spend hours scrolling on Pinterest and flipping through wedding magazines in search of inspiration for your wedding design, but a Certified Wedding Planner can assist you with the design process and help you come up with original ideas for your ceremony and reception that are a true representation of you as a couple. These may be ideas that you haven’t seen anywhere online! Whether you want a unique centerpiece or show-stopping fireworks, your Certified Wedding Planner will help you make your wedding design one of a kind.


Your CWP will turn your unique wedding dreams into reality.


Your Certified Wedding Planner will suggest wedding professionals who fit your design style. Do you want to have a classic wedding reception, filled with big blooms and a ton of candles? Your CWP will know the perfect floral designer to help bring your vision to life. Do you envision a unique hanging light fixture for your dance floor? Your CWP will know the perfect lighting company that can create this for you.


Certified Wedding Planners are experts in covering all the many details of the planning process. Did you know that the average couple can spend around 300 hours planning their wedding if they don’t have a wedding planner? Hiring a CWP can cut the amount of time you put into planning your wedding in half so you can spend more time enjoying your engagement.


Your attention can be focused on each other rather than the thousands of details involved with your wedding.


Your Certified Wedding Planner will not only provide you with a detailed checklist to ensure you are staying on track with planning, but they will also check in during the planning process to ensure everything is going well and that the items on the list are being checked off exactly when they are supposed to be.

Many of the CWP’s in The Bridal Society are also Certified Timeline Geniuses, which means they have taken the extra time to educate themselves on the latest timeline creation tools available. Your wedding day timeline will include all of the details needed to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Vendor arrival times, hair and makeup schedule, dinner start time, and so much more are included in the itinerary. With so many moving pieces of the big event, your Certified Wedding Planner will use this itinerary as the “game plan” to ensure a flawless execution on your wedding day.


Nothing replaces the peace of mind that comes from having someone who can expertly keep track of your venue staff, wedding vendors, caterers, wedding parties, and even unruly wedding guests, all at once. As much as you may be tempted to do it all yourself, hiring at least a month-of coordinator (if not a full-service planner and designer) will save you so much time, energy, and money in the long run. A Certified Wedding Planner will handle every detail so you can focus on enjoying the event rather than worrying about all the behind-the-scenes logistics.

The average wedding has at least 15 different vendors. Combine that with your entire wedding party, your family, and all of your guests, and there is suddenly a crowd of people who will each have questions and concerns about the event. Certified Wedding Planners know how to handle all of the situations that could arise on the big day.


Your CWP will be there to manage all the details so you don’t have to.


Your Certified Wedding Planner will ensure your vendors are where they're supposed to be (on time!), help the venue staff with setup if needed, and put out any last-minute fires that arise, like pinning on backup boutonnieres for the groomsmen or accounting for unexpected guests who forgot to RSVP. Certified Wedding Planners are problem-solving experts!

From straightening chairs and linens to running and grabbing extra ice for the bars at the last minute, there's no replacement for all of the behind-the-scenes work that a great Certified Wedding Planner does. Plus, having an A-Team on your side means you won’t have to show up early or stay late to your own event for setup or teardown.

If your goal is to relax and celebrate rather than worry and work, hiring a Certified Wedding Planner to manage the details of your wedding is an absolute must.


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