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Wedding Day Tips for Engaged Couples — Part 2 of 2

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Stay in Contact with Your Certified Wedding Planner

  • It is important that you stay in contact with your Certified Wedding Planner leading up to the wedding day.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner will need to know all the details of your wedding day.

  • There are many decisions to be made during the planning process, and keeping the communication lines open with your Certified Wedding Planner is crucial.

  • Let your Certified Wedding Planner know about any updates or changes that are made during the planning process. Even if you are busy or it’s unintentional, don’t forget to keep your Certified Wedding Planner informed.

  • All of your wedding professionals are looking to your CWP for the most updated and accurate information regarding your wedding day so they won’t have to bother you.

No "Drop Offs" on the Wedding Day

  • All of your wedding day items need to be dropped off with the planner in advance, not on the wedding day itself.

  • Getting these items in advance will allow your Certified Wedding Planner to review them and confirm that all the items are present prior to the wedding day.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner will have a detailed checklist for wedding day items.

  • To make setup easier, box up and label your items. For example, make sure all your cake table items (cake knife, cake topper, caker server, etc.) are placed in the same box, and label it “Cake Table.” This will allow your Certified Wedding Planner to set up your items with ease without needing to bother you.

  • Meeting your planner prior to the wedding day for your items will also eliminate the need or temptation for any family members or friends to help with your wedding day setup.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner and the team will have a “flow” or system of how setup needs to take place; they usually will not allow any additional help from family or friends.

  • This also allows your family and friends to enjoy the day and not be put to work.

  • If there are any DIY items that you have created or need extra assistance with, please communicate that with your Certified Wedding Planner in advance. They will need to ensure there will be enough time for staff to handle any of the larger DIY items.

Have a Private Dinner

  • After the ceremony and any post-ceremony pictures, you as the couple will want to go to a private room and enjoy a meal by yourselves.

  • You will only need to allot about 15-20 minutes for this meal. This will not be too long for the guests, since they will more than likely also be eating. It is long enough for the two of you to enjoy a meal together in privacy.

  • This moment will also allow you to take a moment to breathe and soak in the “WE JUST GOT MARRIED!” feeling. This will be one of the few moments of the day when it’s just the two of you. No photographers, no guests, just you two.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner will add this private dinner to your wedding day itinerary.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner will also work directly with the catering team to ensure the timing flows perfectly.

  • After your meal, you will have a chance to go table to table and greet your wedding guests while they are eating without taking time away from you being able to enjoy your own meal and wedding reception.

Have a Game Plan for the End-of-the-Night Items

  • Assign someone from your family or wedding party to be responsible for your wedding gifts, and make sure they are in a safe and secured location.

  • Make sure you have someone designated to take care of your personal wedding day items such as your guest book, cake knife, cake topper, etc. Depending on your contract with the venue, these items may not be allowed to stay overnight.

  • Also, depending on the package you have with your Certified Wedding Planner, you may need someone responsible for tearing down the event. Make sure to discuss this with your Certified Wedding Planner so you know exactly what their role/responsibilities are for the end of the wedding night.

Have a Private Last Dance

  • While your Certified Wedding Planner or Entertainment Provider are getting guests lined up and ready for the grand exit, have a private last dance with just the two of you.

  • This dance will allow you just one more opportunity to soak in the moments of the day.

  • Your Certified Wedding Planner will work directly with your entertainment provider and photographer to work this dance into your wedding day timeline.


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