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The Unexpected Bestie of a Wedding Planner | Episode 6 of The Wedding Planner Podcast

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Join Laurie Hartwell (founder and CEO of the Certified Wedding Planner Society) and Krisy Thomas (owner of Southern Sparkle Events and co-instructor for the Certified Wedding Planner Society’s Wedding Planner Certification Program), as they discuss who your unexpected bestie in the industry should be!

Krisy talks about when she first found the Certified Wedding Planner Society. She mentions that she fully expected to get a great education, but she was shocked at how much more she received... (listen to this podcast to find out who her unexpected bestie turned out to be).

Then Eddie Babbage (CEO of Timeline Genius) joined the conversation and he shared his feelings on how incredible it has been to witness our community within the CWP Society. He also touched on the secret to success, and how if you take your ego out of the equation and create a company that serves and operates out of abundance, you will succeed.

This episode will lift you up and inspire you!

The Wedding Planner Podcast is brought to you by the Certified Wedding Planner Society, the world's leading wedding planner certification program & largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners!

If you would like to learn more about the Certified Wedding Planner Society, visit our website at



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