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The CWP Society is Proud to Feature: Forever Moments

CWP Society is Proud to Feature: Brittney Poole, owner of Forever Moments!

"The Certified Wedding Planner Society has completely transformed my business and given me the tools I need as a business owner/wedding planner to be successful in my career. Every member of CWP, especially Laurie and Krisy, cares for each other as their own family. They also understand the importance of being a lifelong learner by hosting weekly and monthly workshops, which is one of the perks of their free lifetime membership upon completing their certification course. I love and value the CWP's friendship and experience in the wedding industry, and I highly recommend the Certified Wedding Planner Society to every wedding professional!" - Brittney Poole

Join the world's largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners and Professionals! At the CWP Society, we strive to elevate our members with support, community, education, and love.


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