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Harnessing Tech/AI for Wedding Ceremonies, Vows, and Toasts: Introducing PROVENANCE

Imagine a world where AI transforms wedding ceremonies into unforgettable, deeply personalized experiences. Today, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Steven Greitzer, CEO and founder, and Josh Fagel, head of business development, as they unveil Provenance, an AI-driven tool revolutionizing ceremony, vows, and toast writing. Steven shares his heartfelt journey of officiating weddings for friends, which sparked the creation of Provenance, addressing the need for legally compliant, meaningful scripts. Josh dives into how Provenance alleviates the stress of public speaking, ensuring a flawless ceremony for wedding planners and couples alike.

Discover the magic behind integrating AI into personalized wedding ceremonies and speeches. Provenance isn't just a tool; it's a treasure trove of hyper-personalized services, offering everything from customizable ceremony scripts to a vast library of readings and rituals. Steven and Josh emphasize the irreplaceable emotional touch humans bring to weddings, and how Providence augments this with insights from over 100,000 weddings. The result? A seamless blend of tradition and technology that resonates deeply with today's couples.

But that's not all—customer service is at the heart of Provenance. Steven and Josh reveal how their commitment to empathy and urgency enhances the user experience, making Provenance not just a tool, but a partner in wedding planning. Learn about the comprehensive dashboard designed for managing every ceremony detail, and the importance of proactive planning and certification through the CWP Society. With Provenance, you're not just planning a wedding; you're crafting a stress-free, memorable celebration that will be cherished forever. Join us and discover how Provenance can elevate your wedding planning game.

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Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas, CWP Society


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