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CWP Society is Proud to Feature: RJ Stewart Events

CWP Society is Proud to Feature: Becky Stewart, owner of RJ Stewart Events!

"The CWP Society has had a profound impact on RJ Stewart Events, significantly enhancing our business operations and client satisfaction. Laurie and Krisy, with their unparalleled expertise and dedication, have been instrumental in this transformation. Through their guidance, I've gained invaluable knowledge and skills that have propelled my business forward, increasing its success tenfold.

One of the most significant benefits of being a CWP Society member is the confidence I've gained in the industry. This newfound confidence has been crucial in securing client approvals and fostering strong relationships. The training and resources provided by the CWP Society have not only honed my professional abilities but have also instilled a deep sense of pride in being part of such a prestigious organization. I am truly grateful for the continuous support and education that the CWP Society offers, and I am proud to be a member of this exceptional community." - Becky Stewart

Join the world's largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners and Professionals! At the CWP Society, we strive to elevate our members with support, community, education, and love.


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