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Consultants, Coordinators, Planners, & Venue Coordinators | Episode 8 of The Wedding Planner Podcast

Join Laurie Hartwell (founder and CEO of the Certified Wedding Planner Society) and Krisy Thomas (owner of Southern Sparkle Events, Vice President and co-instructor for the Certified Wedding Planner Society's Wedding Planner Certification Program), as they explore the differences between: Wedding Consultants, Wedding Coordinators, Wedding Planners, and Wedding Venue Coordinators.

These titles sound similar, but each have a very unique job and set of duties. This episode will help you explain the difference to your couples, as well as the wedding professionals you work with.

If you are interested in joining the world's largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners, and gaining your certification from the world's leading wedding planner certification program, then visit our website today for more information!

Listen to this podcast on your favorite platform or follow this link today:



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