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Congratulations, Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Congratulations to all of the amazing planners who have recently become Certified Timeline Geniuses! We applaud you for putting in the time to continually build your skills and to elevate the standards in the wedding industry. Keep up the great work!

We’re proud to show off your profiles and spotlight pages below.

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius? Get your own certification at

Myiesha Antwine

Company Name: Kiss and Tell Weddings

Location: Ardmore, OK

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I love my clients. I have been blessed to work with the kindest, easy going, most respectful people as a planner.”

Chrissy Berman

Company Name: JG Serenity Weddings

Location: Dallas, TX

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I’m passionate about helping others create memorable and fantastic events that will be talked about for years to come.”

Pat Blackwell

Company Name: The Red Coat Ladies

Location: Detroit, MI

Title/Position: Founder

What Fuels You? “I love Mondays when I answer the phone and the client calls raving about how much they enjoyed their celebration – that keeps me going!”

Kari Flett

Company Name: Ivory Events

Location: Boulder, CO

Title/Position: Office Manager

What Fuels You? “I stay passionate about weddings because of the couples and the love they have for each other.”



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