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Congratulations, Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Congratulations to all of the amazing planners who have recently become Certified Timeline Geniuses! We applaud you for putting in the time to continually build your skills and to elevate the standards in the wedding industry. Keep up the great work!

We’re proud to show off your profiles and spotlight pages below.

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius? Get your own certification at

Erika Abigail Bowers

Company Name: Erika’s Elegance Weddings + Events

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? "I love building relationships and through that, I get a chance to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives.”

Desinity Ashton Greathouse

Company Name: Greathouse Events

Location: San Antonio, TX

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? "I stay passionate by focusing on the love that is shared between two people.”

Taylor McDonald

Company Name: Premier Events

Location: Eugene, OR

Title/Position: Owner & Lead Planner

What Fuels You? “I’m passionate about weddings because of the love that surrounds these events.”

Stephany Perry

Company Name: Stephany Perry Events

Location: Tampa, FL

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “Working with couples really does bring me joy. Getting to know them and being a part of such a special day is so rewarding.”

Amanda Rainear

Company Name: Dovetail Events

Location: Orlando, FL

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? Discovering new trends is such an exciting part of what I do, and I love that the industry is living and breathing and is filled with lots of hard-working creatives.”

Sylvia Sargeant

Company Name: Blue Iris Weddings

Location: Walla Walla, WA

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I enjoy the beauty and enormous meaning surrounding weddings.”

Belinda Timpo Dekayie

Company Name: Belinda Timpo Weddings & Events

Location: Plainfield, IL

Title/Position: Owner

What Fuels You? “I love to see all the detailed pieces of the wedding come together and know that we were part of the wedding journey.”

NaPrell Van Buren

Company Name: NaPrell Van Buren Events

Location: Charleston, SC

Title/Position: Planner/Designer/Florist

What Fuels You? “I love seeing the tears of joy of the clients and the compliments from the event attendees about the wonderful experience.”



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