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Automating Yourself Right Out Of Business | Episode 7 of The Wedding Planner Podcast

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Join Laurie Hartwell (founder and CEO of the Certified Wedding Planner Society) and Krisy Thomas (owner of Southern Sparkle Events, Vice President and co-instructor for the Certified Wedding Planner Society's Wedding Planner Certification Program), as they discuss this important topic.

Wedding Planners have very difficult jobs - so it only makes sense to try to make the job easier by creating automations. The problem is, 75% of planners are making a big mistake by turning their business into one big automation and throwing all the personalization out of the window. Listen to this episode to learn ways that you can provide your clients with an original work of art, like a Picasso, rather than a generic paint-by-number. Ask yourself this question, "Are you automating yourself right out of business?"

This episode will lift you up and inspire you!

The Wedding Planner Podcast is brought to you by the Certified Wedding Planner Society, the world's leading wedding planner certification program & largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners!

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