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Thank you for applying!


We are so grateful for your excitement to be involved on such a high level in our organization. Keep in mind that this is one of the most difficult programs to be accepted into. Each applicant will be looked at under a magnifying glass and will have to meet many requirements. 


Our executive team will be making a decision once they look at the following for each applicant:

  • Experience level in the wedding industry (must be more than 5 years at a minimum)​​

  • Your Social Media Posts going back 6 years

    • Examples:

      • Have you ever posted on Social Media any that was divisive (whether political, racial, etc.)?​

    Overall activity and involvement in the CWP Society

    • Examples: 

      • You have taken, or are in the middle of completing, the Master Certified Wedding Planner Advanced Study Program

      • You have taken, or are in the middle of completing, the Wedding Design Consultant Certification Program

      • You regularly post or comment in the forum

      • You attend many of the LIVE monthly workshops

      • You attend some of the quarterly LIVE Society Social Events

      • You have attended some of the LIVE quarterly business coaching calls

      • You would consider yourself so "highly involved", that Laurie and Krisy would be able to say, unequivocally, that they know you because they have seen you at CWPS LIVE virtual events.

  • Your overall demeanor 

    • Examples:

      • Are you calm, or appear scattered?

      • Do you come across welcoming, or distant?

      • Do you appear confident and kind, or pompous and rude?

      • Are you resolved and clear, or unsure and unclear?

  • The topics you feel you can educate other on

  • Your attention to detail 

    • Examples:

      • Do you pay attention to every written word, or do you scan instead?

      • Do you see the bigger picture, or do you miss many important elements about what is happening around you?

  • Your stance on inclusivity vs. exclusivity

  • Your ability to be inspiring and influential

  • Your overall ability of deep self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses

Our team will be making the final decision by July 10, 2023, and you will be receiving an email regarding the status of your application by that date. If you get an acceptance email, please be ready to sign the Educator Code of Ethics, and the Educator Contract within 48 hours, as well as be ready to pay/register for the 8-week program. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the acceptance email, you will lose your spot in the program. 

Thank you again, and we are excited to bring on a few more amazing top-level team members to the CWP Society Educator Program!

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